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Web Development

Using best-suited technologies we can help you create any web app from scratch. We build scalable micro-services that can solve even the most complex problems.

Mobile Development

Competition in the mobile marketplace is fiercer than ever. Depending on the specifications, we can build your app with a native or hybrid approach.

Product Design

There are no successful apps without great design. Our process brings together business, technology, and customers, the result being a better market fit for your product.

Our values

Our team of experts all share the same values in the pursuit of technical excellence.

It's all about
Code Quality

Code quality is our obsession. We’ve even built our own SaaS for automated code reviews!

is the key.

We play with open cards and provide full transparency to our employees and clients

Pair programming
and code reviews

Our sense of teamplay is strong: we verify all code with a group approach.

Partnership and
shared goals

Your business is our passion. We work together to boost your success.

Best tech for
the problem

The latest technologies and frameworks help us deliver your product in the most optimal way.

Microservices are
the future.

Following the latest trends, we try to deliver your product as a robust block of small applications.

  • When you are writing an important piece of code, don't you want another person to look it over before it goes into production?

    Mateusz MęcinaMateusz MęcinaSoftware Engineer
  • A solid test suite is an absolute requirement for a web application. However, one major problem with test suites is that they get slow as they get large. Jenkins can ease the pain by distributing the test runs in parallel.

    Michał KarwańskiMichał KarwańskiChief Technology Officer
  • Product Design Sprints not only build shared understanding within a team but also set a stage to LEAN startup approach.

    Martyna BalcerowskaMartyna BalcerowskaProject Manager

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